Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Every day on the way to work, I pass a children's hospital. This morning, I happened to glance into one of its windows. Parted drapes revealed a little chapel--stained glass windows, a tiny altar, and several chairs lined up solemnly in a room no bigger than my office. Something about the sight of it just overwhelmed me. I literally had to stop and collect myself before I could keep walking. To ever have to beg for the things the parents there must pray for--it's too much to even imagine. So today I am working hard to be grateful for every good thing I have, but most especially for my healthy, growing, amazing kids. I am going to dress them up in silly costumes and stuff their little bellies full of candy and be thankful for every single second of it.


jillian said...

Here, here :)

Maureen (Stroud) Dillie said...

This was so beautiful Hanna, you brought tears to my eyes and genuine appreciation to my heart. Thank you for the perspective!